The Abdication by Justin Newland

When invited to take part in a blog tour for a novel that has echoes of religion mixed within its story I often jump at the chance, as I’m fascinated by religion and its many branches. The Abdication by Justin Newland provided that pique of interest so I signed up with Zooloo’s Book Tours.

Tula travels to Topeth as she desires to cross the rope bridge from Topeth into Unity. Where the angels reside. The angels offer advice and guidance to humans, but when mankind was offered the gift of free will the people made an exodus from Unity and built a bridge and founded the town of Topeth.

Many years later and Topeth is a struggling town and the red mist produced by the copper mine isn’t helping, (some people believe it is responsible for the death of a child.) The town also has become separated from Unity believing the angels have abandoned the people and have been driven out by devils. Now rendering it an offence to cross the bridge. As a result of this parting from the angels a new religious order developed where sacrifice is used to appease Moloch and to keep the devils from coming into the town of Topeth.

Tula is determined to cross that bridge with an inner voice guiding her, even leading her with visions of events. Despite the law and order preventing her from crossing she gets caught up in a mix of trouble. Within this novel we have a long family feud, missing children, disappearing people, strange events occurring on and around the bridge and a mayor intent on upholding the law of sacrifice.

Justin’s writing is a mix of great depictions of the environment and surroundings that make up the town of Topeth and some interesting dialogue that you wouldn’t expect from the characters. I say this because in my mind the story is set in an ancient time but the language used by some characters was quite modern. I was unsure of where we were going at times with this novel, but it did all fall into place the further you read.

I don’t think I have read anything quite like The Abdication as I can’t place it in a particular genre. Justin Newland has written a novel that has left me with questions that I’m still pondering.

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