The search party by Simon Lelic

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For many months I’ve been hearing good things about this novel and finally I managed to get hold of an advanced reading copy. The outline is intriguing enough, but the execution of the plot is extremely clever.

Sadie Saunders is 16 years old and is missing. Five of her friends decide to form a search party as they believe the police are looking for her in the wrong place. Sadie’s friends set out into the woods,  and after a few days the friends are found but not all are alive.  As the friends are questioned and recount their time out in the woods searching for Sadie, you realise all is not what it seems. Each friend holds secrets and as the story unfolds so do the lies. Detective Inspector Fleet is convinced that there is more to the story of the search party.

What I found brilliant with this novel is the way it  is laid out. We move between the perspectives of the police, DCI Fleet and the members of the search party. Each account was cleverly placed at the right moment providing suspense and tension perfectly. Its only at the end do you look back and realise that you made the wrong assumptions. A genius piece of writing.

Out 20th August 2020. Time to make a pre-order I think.

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